This 225,000 square foot public refrigeration warehouse consists of seven rooms that may be set at temperatures ranging from +50 to -60 degrees F.
We have the ability to meet your every storage and distribution requirements:
  • Trained professionals
Our greatest advantage is our team of experienced and energetic professionals who place a special emphasis on customer satisfaction with the most reliable and efficient service possible.
  • Turnkey Operation
From blast freezer to cold and/or cooler storage, our organization is ideally positioned to provide all of your storage and logistics needs.
  • Management Information System
Our investment in computer hardware and software enables us to track on-line inventory accurately and quickly.
  • 24 Hour Service
Our services are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Ancillary Services
Clauson Cold & Cooler Ltd. provides personnel for labor intensive activities such as order picking, stamping, stickering, shrink wrapping, weight tallying, scanning and container loading.
  • Federally Approved by Agriculture Canada
Our facility is federally inspected to ensure that the highest standards are achieved and maintained for our customers.
  • Cross Docking
We have a 17,500 square foot cross docking area in our facility, which expedites handling and interface into our distribution system.
  • Application for HACCP Approval
Our company has applied for, and received, HACCPrecognition as of May 25, 2000 from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. We are the first facility in Western Canada to be granted this approval. This means your product, whether imported or exported, is handled with the highest standards possible.
  • Rates
Our company offers competitive rates together with excellent service.