coldstorageOur warehouse is 225,000 square feet.

We have the following facilities:

  • Coolers: We have both cooler and frozen storage for your food product storage and distribution needs. We can handle all customer specifications or product requirements for storage temperatures.
  • Freezers: We have many types of freezers up to -60 degrees for client specified requirements.
  • Blast Freezers: High speed air blaster freezers to -60 degrees for quick removal of heat from products, ensuring retention of quality and freshness. A blast freezer is a freezer which is extremely cold. It may also be known as a shock freezer. This freezers are designed to quickly lower food temperatures, freezing them very rapidly.
  • Trichinosis Room: Provides prescribed freezing for shipment to countries requiring this freezing procedure following the most current food safety regulations.
  • Loading Dock: Our loading docks are among the largest in Alberta, which allows for quick movement and easy staging of products from trucks to cold storage and back, maintaining and ensuring product quality and integrity.
  • Staging Room: We provide labling handling, storage, and assembly services.
  • Logistics and Distribution Management Office: We provide import and export information and services to ship your product following stringent food safety guidelines for both domestic and international shipping.